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A new Cult. Ringana, the clean brand behind the most potent creams on the market.

by Elena Taltavull |

A love story with Ringana

A tooth oil that replaces toothpaste, natural shots, powerful antioxidants, fresh cosmetics...

This is Ringana. An Austrian company driven by curiosity, the love for Ayurveda, passion for fresh ingredients from nature and with a strong philosophy of sustainability, respect and a focus to look your best at any age. Too good to be true? Not, they are even better than that.

Founded in 1996, and having started as a small home made production, Ringana has grown to be a truly inspirational brand.

Rebelling against the comments " you look great for your age",  Ula and Andreas decide to remove the term " anti aging" from all their products and marketing.

"So if we don’t want to fight aging itself but simply want to look as good as we feel, then we really do need to find a different term rather than anti-aging. And that term is ageless"

Using powerful natural essences, and with most cosmetics made to order and with a six months life, Ringana uses absolutely no artificial preservatives or genetically modified raw materials. This makes their products extremely potent.

They have recently moved to a disused supermarket, that has been reconverted to  a high tech , highly sustainable laboratory where they continue to develop their highly creative concepts.

With many extraordinary products, and having tried ourselves a fair amount, these are our star products: 

From the Ringana Fresh skin care, we absolutely adore and recommend the cleanser. Designed for all skins types, it's milky smooth texture it's a delight. It cleanses and hydrates at the same time. Use as a first step morning and evening to remove dirt and make up. It's star ingredient it's sesame oil, kernel and grape oil, jojoba and sweet clover.

Follow your daily routine with the  anti wrinkle serum. A smart product with long term effect. It gives the skin a health boost with a combination of antioxidants and vitamin A. The last step it's the facial cream. It comes in light, medium and rich textures, depending on your skin type ( complete the questionnaire once you login for a better shopping experience). We use the medium cream, that gives a fine-pored, smooth complexion with hyaluronic acid, macadamia oil, cuckoo flower and baobab oil.

Ringana excel also with the very creative " caps" concept. Tiny plant capsules targeting your individual lifestyle, and each different type designed to help you from within,  with hair and skin support, digestion, hormonal imbalance, serenity and heart among others. Choose your color.

We also unconditionally love the pack Antiox. A soluble mixture of highly potent antioxidants to support your skin, defenses and help with issues like daily stress or poor diet. Your skins shines, your defenses are invincible, ready for anything life throws at you.


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