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Why microcurrent facial toning is a celebrity favorite

by Elena Taltavull |

Adored by A listers and beauty editors, the anti-ageing magic of Microcurrent technology has become an integral part of the beauty routines of many of us.

The truth is that microcurrent has been around for decades. Used since the 1970s by physical therapists for pain relief and even facial paralysis conditions, and know many brands have created mini facial toning devices for us to use at home

Microcurrent it's known as ‘the 5-minute facial’, and the device has two spheres which send gentle waves through the skin to the facial muscles. This improves facial contour, skin tone, awakens and energizes the muscles, giving a brighter appearance.

It's effective, easy and pain free and it has non secrets.

We recommend you introduce it slowly into your routine to make your skin comfortable. Start with shorter sessions at a lower intensity and build up. 

Thoroughly wash your skin with an oil free cleanser and dry. Apply a water based gel primer. This is an essential step to get the currents to travel into your mussels. 

Once you are ready, ensure both spheres must touch the skin to ensure you get the best of the microcurrents. Go slow and use light to medium pressure. It should feel nice like a nice face massage.

*Always read the instructions of the particular device you purchase, as these might vary.

Picture by Jasmaine Cook

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