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Wake up your skin with a coffee bean

by Elena Taltavull |

Many of us start the morning with the fragrant scent of a coffee. It is part of our daily rituals, used to get going in the morning or as a "pick me up" in the afternoon. The effects of drinking coffee are common knowledge. But what about applying coffee to our skin?

A recent study suggests that substances in coffee can help to promote healthy, glowing skin. Caffeic acid it's an antioxidant, and as such it may boost collagen levels and reduce the premature aging of cells. It also has antimicrobial properties, which means that it may help protect the skin against germs (confirming these findings will require more studies in humans).

So if you are new to "skin coffee", let us show you a couple of ways to get started.

You can start the day with a coffee exfoliation while you drink your morning concoction.

Coffee exfoliation

Ground a few coffee beans to a fine powder.

Simply was your face with your regular cleanser ( use warm water) and pick up a teaspoon of ground coffee.

Rub it on your skin softly, on circular motion, starting from your forehead and descending. Avoid the delicate area around your eyes and don't forget your neck and décolletage area. Rinse well.

You can also use coffee as an exfoliator for the body. To make it go a long way and to nourish as you exfoliate, mix a couple of teaspoons of ground coffee with a dash of olive oil. Mix well until in forms a soft paste. The coffee will not dissolve and you can it on your body before a shower ( note, it can get messy).

Coffee face mask

A great combination of ingredients to cleanse, nourish and achieve radiant and glowing skin.


Ground coffee- 2 teaspoon

Yogurt- 1 tablespoon

Honey- 1 teaspoon

Place the coffee in a clean bowl, and add the yogurt slowly, until you get a paste consistency and enough quantity to cover your face with a generous layer. Add the honey and stir all ingredients well.

Apply to a clean face and neck and leave it for 20 minutes.

Wash your face with warm water, and use cold water for the last few seconds. You can also use a face massager to further support the increase of blood flow to the skin.

As always, we recommend you test all masks and ingredients on a small patch on your arm. Kitchen ingredients can also create allergic reactions. You know your skin best, so refrain form using any ingredients that generate redness or irritation. Combine the ingredients in a clean blow and mid your clothes.

Let us know how this worked for you by adding a comment to the blog.

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